The OREC offices works on numerous projects annually related to our four focus areas of economic development, conservation and stewardship, education and workforce training, and health and wellness. Take a look at some of our recent projects, and stay tuned for upcoming projects and ways to get involved with new offerings.

Colorado Outdoor Rx

Throughout history, people have enjoyed spending time outdoors. Only in the last decade however, has a growing body of scientific evidence emerged about nature’s health benefits. While many public health and recreation organizations realize the health benefits of outdoor recreation, it has not always been clear about how best to bring healthcare payers and providers to the table. New research related to the benefits of nature might compel businesses to include new opportunities in their wellness initiatives. In 2018 OREC released a report demonstrating current challenges and opportunities in Colorado and how partners can better plan and implement a strategy that promotes health improvement through the great outdoors.

Please take a look at the Colorado Outdoor Rx report for more information.

Confluence of States

In January 2018, Colorado hosted the first-of-its-kind gathering of state outdoor recreation leaders and partner organizations to discuss the importance of the outdoor recreation economy and how to support its growth and define its impact nationwide. Right now, the outdoor recreation industry employs 7.6 million people and generates $887 billion in consumer spending in the U.S. annually. With the proper actions and mindset, starting with innovative conservation and stewardship practices, we can build a stronger economy by nurturing the outdoor recreation economy. With bipartisan collaboration, we’re giving the outdoor recreation industry a greater voice, one state at a time.

Please take a look at what steps states are taking to support the outdoor recreation industry nationwide through the Confluence of States.

Colorado Outdoor Industry Leadership Summit (COILS)

The annual Colorado Outdoor Industry Leadership Summit (COILS) is a two day event of networking, idea sharing and expert discussions that are designed to catalyze the action needed to elevate and sustain the outdoor industry in Colorado. Topics include focus on our four impact areas of economic development, conservation and stewardship, education and workforce training, and health and wellness. Stay tuned for more information on the 2019 event.

Outdoor Retailer

The Outdoor Retailer (OR) trade show moved to Denver in January 2018. Denver hosts three shows annually – the OR+SIA Snow Show in January, the OR Summer Market in June/July, and the OR Winter Market in November. The office participates in show events and supports Colorado outdoor businesses at all three shows.

ISPO Munich

Once a year the State of Colorado curates a group of emerging Colorado outdoor recreation brands to exhibit in a shared booth space at ISPO Munich with the intent to aid the advancement of these brands within the international marketplace. The focus of this booth is twofold: to relieve some of the financial pressures that are associated with attending an international trade show; and to promote the State of Colorado as a beacon of the outdoor recreation industry.

The booth space is shared between five companies, each with their own product display area. For more information on ISPO, please email Samantha Albert.